You Make Memories While We Provide the Music 

Our Passion Behind What We Do!

At JRICHMUSIC, our mission is clear: we are dedicated to assisting our clients in crafting magical moments through the power of music. Our passion drives us to go beyond the ordinary, ensuring that your experience with us is nothing short of extraordinary. As DJs, we understand that our commitment extends far beyond simply playing tunes – it's about meticulously curating experiences and weaving the soundtrack to your most cherished memories. We pride ourselves on pouring our hearts into every wedding or event, channeling creativity and expertise to make your moments truly unforgettable. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we strive to elevate every occasion to a new level of brilliance. With us, you're not just getting music; you're getting a commitment to excellence, a dedication to creating lasting impressions, and a promise to make your special moments shine with the magic of perfectly curated soundscapes. Let us be the architects of your unforgettable memories.

✨ A Quick Look  ✨

Professional Services 

Take your wedding to the next level! We craft personalized playlists, ensuring a unique and unforgettable experience that goes beyond music—it's about creating lasting memories. Seamlessly transitioning through each moment and helping you enjoy your special day. Trust us to deliver professionalism, reliability, and a soundtrack that mirrors your love story.

We dedicate ourselves to providing quality sound and professional service. Making every event a memorable experience with the music you love. 

Accent Lighting specifically focuses on the venue's surroundings. Creates a magical atmosphere to accent your event. It turns office lighting into a romantic, relaxing and/or Party feel. Uplight each room or behind tables you would like to bring focus to. Battery Powered for remote locations!